Life Behind the Perfect Pictures

Life is not always as it appears to be on the outside.

Pictures can be deceiving. They don’t tell the complete story.

People share & post pictures of the best moments of their life – especially on social media & blogs. They share pictures of celebrations, milestones, smiles, birthday parties, fun times, clean houses, and well-mannered children. Life appears to be perfect.

It’s not bad to share the good things…but it is not the complete picture of anyone’s life. It can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction in your own life. It is easy to compare and feel like other people’s lives are so much better than your own.

Things are rarely like they appear on the outside - or in the picture!

What you don’t see in the pictures are the things that may have happened right before or after the pictures.

Who else has a family picture that when you look at it you can see the fake smiles behind it? You remember the tantrum that happened before the picture, the tears, the lost temper, or the fight on the way. Yes, I’ve been there!!

Behind the smile there may be hurts. Between the good times there are tears & messes in everyone’s life.

Real life is not picture perfect! 

It’s not always laughter & fun.

Real life includes…

-hurt feelings

-messy rooms

-dirty clothes on the bedroom floor

-piles of laundry

-children arguing

-difficult days


-dirty dishes



…and so much more.

The truth is no one has a perfect life! 

We may push aside the mess for a picture (or hide it in another room) but it is still there.

We may put on our biggest smile but really be hurting on the inside.

Don’t let comparison or the quest for perfection steal your joy.

My life is far from perfect. The outside of my house may look picture perfect but the inside can be another story.


My children argue. I lose my cool and mess up. There are piles of dirty clothes, dirty dishes in my sink, and laundry piled on the table. Most days I don’t even dare look in my teen’s bedrooms. 


Yes, it’s messy…BUT the people I love the most are part of the mess and I am blessed!

Everyone’s life is a mixture of messy and good moments. We like to highlight the good and hide the mess…but we all have both.

Real life is made up of both the picture perfect moments and the messes.

Don’t compare your life to the snapshots you see of other people’s lives. Remember that what you see on the outside isn’t the whole story.

Find joy in your perfectly, messy life mama!